MiUi: How To Set Up Full Screen Gesture

MIUI full screen gesture

How To Set Up Full-Screen Gesture On Redmi Devices: Tired of using the native navigation button on your android smartphone? I know how boring it could be stuck up with the native navigation button. Sometimes I see how some android users wish they could have a full-screen gesture like that …

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What Is Twitter And How It Works?

meaning of twitter

What Is Twitter And How It Works?: So I was about to work on my blog and my kid bro just asked me what Twitter is all about? I was shocked and surprised by his question. I said to myself, what really is wrong with this young lad? How could …

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Facebook Web App Is Rolling Out Dark Mode By Invitation

facebook web app dark mode

Facebook Web App Is Rolling Out Dark Mode By Invitation: Facebook seems to be putting serious efforts into implementing the dark mode feature to all its apps. First, it was the messenger app, then Instagram, followed by the Facebook lite app and then WhatsApp of recent. Recall that the official …

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How To Unlink Facebook page from Instagram Account

disconnect facebook account from instagram

How To disconnect Instagram from Facebook The easiest way: Instagram is fun and the most used social networking platform by celebrities. Because of this, fans of these public figures who love to follow up with their daily lifestyle got also engaged with the app. Instagram is very fun to use …

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Facebook Pages Manager: How To Post On The New Update

Post on facebook pages manager app

Facebook Pages Manager: How To Post On New Update: As a page owner, to get the best experience of your page(s), it’s advised you make use of the Facebook page manager app. it’s easy, swift and convenient to use. Using Facebook pages manager saves you the stress of accessing your …

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