10 Reason Why Facebook Is Better Than Twitter

10 Reason Why Facebook Is Better Than Twitter: Facebook is one of the online social media and social networking service that gives people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Nevertheless, people use Facebook to stay connected and updated with events going on in the world, to share and express what matters to them.
Twitter in the other hand is an online internet based life and interpersonal interaction website. It is neither a megaphone or a stage.
Nonetheless, it is a method for keeping up a low-support social association with others and possibly impact others in a little or huge way.

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In any case, I’ll be revealing which of the social media is better than the other. Mellow out, unwind and read on.
Clearly, the above social media are astonishing yet the previous is better to the last mentioned.
You may inquire as to why? I’m coming to that, so relax.’
NOTE: All reasons that I will be stating here are based on personal choice and not a general fact.

10 Reasons People Prefer Facebook to Twitter

1. Size:

In terms of audience or users and reach there is a significant enormous distinction between Facebook and Twitter.

2.Commitment and intuitiveness:

We can contend that both internet-based life properties are correspondingly captivating, however, plainly they are definitely not.

The time spent by measurement, unmistakably demonstrates that Facebook users will, in general, invest considerably more energy drawing in than on Twitter.

3. Straightforwardness and character:

Facebook contrasted with Twitter offers a lot more noteworthy straightforwardness essentially due to a variety of substances it can bolster on the site.

Users can share and store more data about themselves so as to demonstrate who they truly are. 

4.Income streams:

Facebook has demonstrated that they are digging in for the long haul with the utilization of genuine income streams. Twitter has no way of creating cash. Facebook is unmistakably utilizing its model and this shows clients that there will, in any case, be Facebook for quite a long time to come.

5. Content: 

Rather than simply posting links on Twitter, Facebook enables you to present genuine substance on your profile.
The capacity to post links with a picture attached, photos with friends tagged and videos with previews are some of the ways that make viewing shared contents on Facebook simpler and more fascinating to users.

6. Games: 

Sitting around idly on Facebook is significantly more fascinating than it is on Twitter. Facebook has various games that can enable you to pull in new friends that share your interests.

7. Collaboration:

The capacity to share and team up on Facebook is unmistakably advanced and easy to understand than the 140 characters you can post on Twitter.

8. Access control:

The distinctive degree of access you can enable your friends to have given Facebook users an unmistakable favorable position over the single direction following system on Twitter.

9. Friending over the following:

Following individuals on Twitter doesn’t promise you a genuine answer concerning whether this individual wishes to be harrowed with you. In the event that somebody doesn’t acknowledge your friend’s request on Facebook, at that point you realize you are getting the pole.

10.Genuine tirades:

How might one tirade in 140 characters? Facebook enables you to let it all out.

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  1. A very nice article. I m agree with you on this matter. Facebook is far better than twitter. as we can write long posts on facebook which is impossible to write on twitter.

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