2019 Method: Best Solution To Instagram Post Being Published Without The Caption

instagram caption disappears after posting

2019 Method: Best Solution To Instagram Post Being Published Without The Caption: This post will be presented in a form of question and answer because it’s a pressing issue which many Instagram users find frustrating and annoying and are desperately looking for solutions.

So a few days ago I logged in to my Instagram account as I do every minute if not seconds. I finished preparing the photo I want to post, I edited, gave it an amazing caption and tapped on the “Share” button.

My post was published. I did not bother to check if my post caption was showing because I never had it in mind that my account has got some issues that I couldn’t notice.

After some hours passed, I decided to check the post to see how it’s performing only to be left disappointed because the message which the post was supposed to pass through the caption I used was not showing. (Instagram posted my picture without my caption showing).

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This made the post performed poorly.

I became worried because the account was my marketing account. I get advertising deals often and it won’t be nice when a client pays for an advert and their post is published without the caption “showing”. How can they make sales with a blank Instagram post that does not have a caption?

Coincidentally, an advert deal came in and I posted their ads but the same problem occurred. The Instagram post was published and the caption disappeared.

What’s going on?

So many questions ran through my head.

Could it be that Instagram is about to ban my account? Maybe that’s why my posts caption always disappear after I publish.

I asked again, Why is my Instagram post being published without the caption? Could it be that this is a general bug, I texted some of my friends and asked them if they could post on their Instagram account and the caption remains? All response was positive.

I couldn’t take this anymore because I have a lot of adverts pending, I had to begin research on Google in a quest to find a solution to this problem.

On getting to Google, I noticed that this problem is not a new one it has been happening to some people over the years.

Some of the questions asked by online users include;

Why can’t I leave or post comments on Instagram?

Answer: Instagram must have shadowban your account. When your account is shadowban, you won’t be able to like other people’s post or comment on other people’s page. You can’t edit your profile or make a post.

“Why does Instagram remove the caption before posting my pictures? The caption does not violate any guidelines in any way. Is this a technical fault of Instagram?”

Answer: According to an answer this user got on Quora by Zoe Lupin reads;

“Instagram shouldn’t remove the caption that you’re trying to post- that doesn’t make sense. Try to find out what’s really going on, such as a technical glitch of IG, your internet connection is getting disrupted, the phone’s having a problem or maybe there is a word that IG’s algorithm is picking up which it detects as offensive or some other problem.

Or the other option which many have said on this thread is that it might be you’ve used more than 30 hashtags. Count them carefully and next time don’t post more than 30, it will not post. It will say ‘comment not posted, tap to retry’. You can retry as many times as you like, it won’t repost until there are 30 or fewer hashtags on the entire post (you can’t split them into multiple comments, that won’t work as a trick). Hope this helps! If not please give more details and we will look into it”. (Posted Jul 2, 2017)

How long can Instagram captions be?

Answer: According to an answer given by Social Report, it reads;

“Currently, Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long and can contain up to 30 hashtags in the caption. Further, you can add another 30 hashtags in the first comment in your post—just make sure the comment is posted shortly after you post your original post”.

Instagram Entire caption disappeared, Why?

Answer: According to an answer gotten from a user on Reddit, it reads;

“I know IG is buggy right now so I’m trying to figure out if this is one them. I had a whole caption typed out with hashtags (all just flower photography stuff) and now the whole thing just isn’t there. No caption, no hashtags, nothing. Has anyone else experienced this recently?” (Posted in 2018)

Why did Instagram delete my caption and post the photo with a blank description?

Answer: According to an answer by Work From Somewhere, it reads;

“Instagram Tip: Before posting, I hit “Select All, Copy” on my description + hashtags.

“Why? Sometimes I write too many hashtags by accident or my description is too long or I unknowingly use a banned IG hashtag – and rather than displaying an error message or warning me, Instagram just posts the photo with an empty description, and I was having to rewrite it from memory. So a few months ago, I started doing “Select All, Copy” right before hitting “Post” on Instagram. So when the ‘blank description error’ happens, I can simply “Paste” and erase some of the hashtags and try posting again. A little trick that may save you a lot of time if you can get into the habit”. (Posted Sep 21, 2017).

Now, the above are the top searched questions on Google and almost all the answers which were given traced the cause to adding hashtags more than 30 to your posts which is not supported by Instagram, your content text is too much, try reducing it, copying and pasting of captions, etc.

Also if you looked at the answers gotten, you would notice they are the old approach used to resolve the blank caption problem on Instagram posts.

In this article, I will be teaching and showing you the newest and best solution to Instagram posting your photo or video without your caption.

2019 Method: Best Solution To Instagram Post Being Published Without The Caption

NOTE: If you are not guilty of any of the above-mentioned cause, then this method will surely work best for you.

Now, If you post on your Instagram page and your captions disappear after it’s published, there is only one thing gone wrong!

My Post Being Published On Instagram Without The Caption, Cause

The cause of this is the “LINK IN YOUR BIO”.

This may sound strange and funny because, over the years, you have always used links in your Instagram bio. Yes, you are right. But the new Instagram update forbids some certain links on its user’s bio which they suspect is harmful.

When you start experiencing this, it means that the link in your bio was already existing there before you updated your Instagram app. And the link is suspected to be harmful.

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But this does not mean that one can no longer use links in their bio. But like I stated above, the new Instagram update forbids some certain links you use in your bio.

How Instagram detect or tag a link harmful is what they have not made clear to its users, but from my personal experience, I figured this out myself.

Examples of links allowed in the new Instagram update bio

  1. yourname.com
  2. yourbrand.com
  3. yourcompany.com

Examples of links that are not allowed in the new Instagram update bio

  1. yourname.com/how-to-make-money-online/
  2. yourbrand.com/get-my-full-detailed-ebook-now/
  3. yourblog.com/music-ltg-winning/

The link in my bio look like the ones above, so Instagram detected it as a harmful link that was why my posts were posted on Instagram and the caption disappears immediately.

A friend who had the same issue told me he removed his link, saved his bio and his Instagram posts immediately began to show again together with the caption.

I tried it out on mine by removing the link and it worked like magic. To be sure about this, I had to add that particular link again on my bio, but Instagram rejected it. Here was the error message I got.

Instagram Post Being Published Without The Caption

The text reads;

“It looks like your profile contains a link that is not allowed. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community, Tell us if you think we made a mistake”.

I went further to try other links out. I used just my brand link (a direct link to my website), I saved and it worked. I posted on my Instagram page and the post came along with the caption without is disappearing.

Here is a video explanation from those who had the same issue in 2019 and how they resolved it. Watch the video below;

Try this out and share your result via the comment section.

10 Replies to “2019 Method: Best Solution To Instagram Post Being Published Without The Caption”

  1. I’m so impressed by this article. So detailed and self-explanatory
    This has really helped me.

    I can now access my Instagram, post pictures alongside the caption with ease.

    Thank you

  2. Hi, my instagram bio link suddenly dissapeared and I can’t edit my profile until now. Then I don’t receive any notification of who likes, comment and add me on instagram, even when I try to login from computer and other device. Did my account get banned? How to solve this?

    1. Hello Patricia, please note that your account is not suspended. It was temporary blocked by Instagram. Just be patient for a while, every activity you do on your account would be back to normal when the suspension is over

  3. This recently happened to me. And non of the following answers worked. It wasn’t the hashtags, nor the links in bios or captions..none of the above, not a shadow ban or restriction of any kind.
    But the solution was very simple !
    So I had actually updated my e-mail account and the confirmed it though my phone on IG.
    For some reason after that, some actions began to be restricted.
    I could post stories and posts, even tag people and add location tag to my post, but the captions were always deleted when the post was live.
    All I had to do was log out of IG and log back in to solve the problem.
    If someone else is experiencing this in the same way as me. That should solve the problem.
    Funny actually…

    1. Thanks, Arnas for your findings. Sometimes these apps are not predictable. What works for Mr. A may not work for Mr. B. But the endpoint is for our problems to get solved. Some people got theirs solved with the above tips and it did not work for some. I will make more findings and see if I could include your tips in the post.

      Thanks once again.

  4. I just had the same issue and nothing above worked. I removed all the @ mentions in my caption (I had 9) and it finally posted. Not sure if they have introduced a new limit because just 5 days ago I posted a caption with 10 @ mentions. I did read something about a 5 mentions limit though.

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