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How To Link Facebook Page To Facebook Group

The Best Ways To Link Facebook Page To Facebook Group

The Best Ways To Link Facebook Page To Facebook Group: What is Facebook? When trying to make yourself or brand visible, you are expected to create different channels for yourself or brand.

Bringing publicity down to Facebook. Let me guess you have that personal or business page of yours which you wish to get more engagements on. Trying to do this, you decided to create a Facebook page and also a Facebook group for that particular brand where you can be posting stuff relating to the brand.

Believe me, when I say to build an online audience and getting real engagements is not easy. You really need to post engaging and informative contents on your page and group well.

Now let me assume you have your page and group all ready. Next is updating it. If not daily, weekly, then it should be monthly. Hey posting the same content in your page and group can be so tasking. Imagine the stress of having to visit your page to make a post and still have to go back and search for your group or groups to post that same content.

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Who would love to pass through that whole stress when Technology is really advancing and Facebook is not left behind.

In this article, I will be showing you the Easiest Way To Link Facebook Page To Facebook Group together. But before then let me formerly explain to newbies what Facebook is all about and what it is used for.

What Facebook Is All About

Facebook is a popular social networking website that enables one to connect with friends, family and loved ones. It allows registered users to create profiles, send messages, upload photos, and videos and also keep in touch with friends and family members.

What A Facebook Page Is All About

On the other hand, you may want to know what a Facebook page is all about and what it is used for.

A Facebook page is a public profile specifically created for brands, celebrities, businesses, causes, and other organizations. Pages do not gain friends but fans, that is people who chose to like the page. It can get as many as much followers or fans, unlike the personal user profiles which gain friends and has a limited number of friends of 5000.

What A Facebook Group Is All About

Not forgetting to explain what a Facebook group is all about and how it works. A Facebook group is a place for group interaction/communication for people to share their common interests and express their desired opinion.

A Facebook group allows people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos, and share related contents.

Now to the main topic of our interest, many people have been curious to know how to link a Facebook page to a Facebook group but have not been able to b get a credible and accurate answer but have it in mind that you will not be disappointed and also this is your final bus stop.

Here are steps you need to take in making sure that you link your Facebook page to your Facebook group together.

Things To Do Do First And Steps To Link Facebook Page To Facebook Group

1. You will have to add the Groups tab on your page 

2. You will have to link your groups and pages

3. View your groups on your page

4. View your pages in your group.

5. Finally, post, react and comment as your pages in your group.

1. The first step is that you need to add the group tab to your own page menu: This can be done by clicking on the left side of the page (If your page already has the tab, you can skip this procedure or step to the next.

From your page, click settings in the top right corner. click the edit page on the menu on the left side. Then you click Add a tab. When that is done, from the Pop-up window, click Add tab for group.

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2. Click the group’s tab on the menu on the left side of your page. Then you click to create a new group. Click link your group to link group(s) that you are the admin to. And also, from the Pop-up window, choose the groups you want to link and click the link.

3. Once you have already linked your group(s) to your page, your fans/followers, visitors and even you can view it by clicking the group’s tab on the left side of your page.  Your fans and followers can click on Your group(s) to have a visit and also join them.

You can also share the group tab link to let people find all the groups that you have linked to your page. To get the link, click on settings in the top right corner of your page and click edit page on the menu on the left side. Click settings on the left side of the tab “groups” then you can get the link.

4. After all, this is done, your group members and even you can see your page(s) at the bottom left corner of your group cover photo.

People can click on the name(s) to visit your page (s). When you link your Facebook group to your Facebook page, your group members will see a post in your group to get notified or informed about the changes.

5. Once you have linked your groups and pages, you can post in your group by choosing a page as the poster and you can also react to comments and reply back to your group.

Thanks for reading, I hope this article helped. If you have any question, kindly use the comment section or our contact us page.

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