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difference between niche site and authority site

Niche Site vs Authority Site: What You Need To Know in 2020

The Difference Between Niche Site And Authority Site, All You Need To Know: There has been a trend sweeping the internet for some time now seeing less of the small, narrow niche sites, and more of the broader authority sites being built out.

Pros And Cons Of Authority Website And Niche Website

The main pros and cons of each are as follows:

Niche site:

Narrower scope gives the site more relevance and helpshelps with SEO, but there is a ceiling to the earning potential.

Niche sites are a great way to get started as the first site to learn about internet marketing and SEO. However, in the long-term, you are probably going to need to build an authority site if you want to turn your site into a full-time business as he has.

Authority site:

Broader scope means more keywords and potential for earnings, with the drawback being more marketing and link building required.

Debate on Authority Site vs Niche Site

After reaching out to some pro bloggers, these are some debates that went down.

According to Olalekan Adebumiti: A niche site can be an authority site and an authority site can be a niche site. You can be an authority in a niche. that makes it an authority site. Using the word separately is vague because both can coexist.

He further added, there are sports sites that are authorities in sports and well niched.

According to Yusuf Taiwo Musa: Many interprets niche sites to be singular or closely related keywords/products and authority as a broader opposite.

Yusuf Taiwo Musa further added that one can always expand a niche site as they grow.

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According to an Annonymous blogger: An authority site is simply a site that has gained a huge authority. It doesn’t matter the niche relevance. Either it’s a micro-niche site or one with a broad scope.

The anonymous blogger went further to give examples to back his view. He narrated, If I am able to start a blog on pet nails and I get to build the site and gain huge relevance, I think that can be called an authority niche and I can scrape in thousands of dollars from it monthly even more than someone running a multipurpose niche site.

But it seems Olalekan Adebumiti counted the opinion of the anonymous blogger by saying “that’s not true in many cases”.

Yusuf Taiwo Musa seems to be in agreement with the anonymous blogger by saying this “Yes. Just to SEOs who looked for the right language to be used”. Yusuf Taiwo Musa gave an example to back up his view on siding the anonymous blogger. He said; Goal.com can be said to be an authority in football niche while sky sports is an AUTHORITY site in SPORT.”

After this example, it seems like Olalekan Adebumiti was convinced to agree with what the anonymous blogger earlier said. According to Olalekan Adebumiti, he said “You’ve explained it too” and went further to add this. So, goal.com can make as much money as they want, depending on what they push.

4 Major Differences Between Niche Site And Authority Site

1. Traffic source:  This is quite self-explanatory. A niche website get most of its traffic directly from google search as most of the post ranks on google due to the focused keywords used. Meanwhile, an authority site sometimes does not need to rank for before people see it. Users visit an authority site directly even without having to search for a keyword that would lead them to the site.

2. Content Difference: An authority site mostly provide sharable contents, contents with solutions to almost all challenges. This makes users keep sharing their content over and over again. While most niche sites provide content that would only help them rank on google. Sometimes most of the niche site doesn’t write posts with possible solutions.

3. Market Research: When you are setting up an authority site, you should have in mind or already have in mind that you are penetrating a wider market or audience, therefore, you should be known for providing a solution to almost every needed problem searched on the web. This simply means that an authority site must have the ability to write and rank for several keywords.

4. Link Building: An authority site focuses on building links for its site while a niche site only focuses on making its site rank on google. And when this is done, to them their goal is archived and they move on to another site.


A niche site can be said to be an authority site in a particular keyword meanwhile an authority site can never be referred to as a niche site because they are not focused on selected keywords alone. They provide content for a wider audience.

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