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How To Download And Install Instagram

How To Download And Install Instagram

How To Download And Install Instagram: Are you a smartphone user and you want to have the best fun out of it? Then you need to install some vital Android and Apple iOS apps to your new or old smartphone.

In this article, I will be teaching you how to download and install Instagram on your Android or iPhone.

For a clearer understanding, I will try as much as possible to breakdown everything you need to know about this process.


This may sound weird but it is a fact. There are thousands if not millions of people who don’t know what Instagram is all about or know of its existence.

For this sake, I will start from scratch by explaining what Instagram is down to Instagram uses and Instagram functions, then how to install Instagram on your Android device or iPhone (iOS).

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media application used to share photos, videos and interact with friends with the aid of the new feature called Instagram Direct.

The app is used by over 1 billion people globally. The amazing features of the app and its smooth UI made it more friendly and easy to use.

Four (4) Core Uses of Instagram

There are many things that you can do using Instagram but for me not to deviate from the main topic of this article, I will be mentioning just four core uses of Instagram, but will definitely do a detailed write up in my next article.

With Instagram you can do the following:

1. Send Direct Messages:

With Instagram, you can send a direct message to your friends and family unlimitedly and get the conversation going on fun and sweet.

2. Video chat:

Just like every other social media app out there, you can now do a video chat with your friends and family using Instagram. I bet most people find this particular feature interesting and fun too.

3. Editing of photos:

You can use Instagram to edit your photos by filtering it to your taste. Giving it that sweet look and feel.

4. Editing of videos:

You can trim and cut videos to your taste using Instagram. Though all video length on Instagram ends at 59seconds (Approximately 1 minute).  Though you can upload longer videos using the new feature of Instagram known as Instagram TV (IGTV).

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I will be stopping at 4 uses. Aside from this 4, there are many other things you can use the app to do like taking off photos, updating status, doing live videos, etc.

Functions Of Instagram

Instagram is a very powerful and effective tool for digital marketers.

With Instagram you can do the following:
1. Source of income:

As an influencer, you can use your Instagram account to make tons of cash from posting of sponsored photos or videos for potential advertisers.

2. Brand visibility:

With Instagram, you can make your brand visible to over 1 billion people on the platform. All you need to do is to create a business account for your brand and let users find you.

3. Manage multiple Instagram account:

With Instagram installed on your phone, you can use the app to manage up to four (4) different Instagram accounts.

Now that you have known what Instagram is all about, know it uses and its core functions, let talk on how to download and install Instagram on your Android smartphone and iPhone (iOS).

How to download and install Instagram on Android phone

As an Android device user who wish to download and install Instagram, you need the following:

1. Gmail Account: You need to have a Gmail account. If you already have a Gmail account (business or personal), both will work fine.

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2. Launch the Google Play store: When you launch the Google play store, you would be asked to sign in with your Gmail account

3. Input your Gmail email address and password

4. Click on sign in and accept Google terms and conditions.

5. Now you would be welcomed in the play store.

6. Use the search bar and search for Instagram.

7. Click on install

8. Allow Instagram to download and install

9. You are done, log in to your Instagram account and explore

For iPhone (iOS) users here is how you can download and install Instagram

How to download and install Instagram on iPhone (iOS)

As an iPhone user, to install Instagram on your phone, follow these simple steps.

1. Tap or launch the App store on your iPhone
2. Use the search bar to search for Instagram
3. Click on install or buy when the icon switches (But hey you are not buying Instagram because it’s a free app)
4. Input your password and touch ID if prompted or place your finger on the home button to activate touch IF
5. Wait for the download to finish
6. Installation takes place and you are good to go.

Happy reading, I hope this article helps. Welcome to Instagram.

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