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  1. hi im roms and my facebook is already 9 yrs already and someone changed my facebook password and i want to recover it but i dont have anymoreaccess to my email account because i already forgot my yahoo password and i dont knowwhat todo plssss, help me

  2. Hello my facebook account was hacked the email address and phone number is changed Pls help me

  3. My old account was hacked how can I get it back 😭

  4. Hello,my Facebook account was hacked recently
    I used a mobile number instead of an email address to open my account,both password and number has been changed,I’m totally devastated.ive tried the methods but it’s not sending the reset code

  5. Adeoye AbdulFatai Akanbi

    My Facebook account was hacked last week and my phone number and phone number was changed by the hacker. the hacker is using fraud investment of my wall to deceived my family and friends on my facebook wall. People are calling to ask me about the investment before they enter the one chance.

  6. Hi my name is Faisal
    Some one hack my Facebook account I want to recover my account how I recover

  7. My Facebook account is hacked and the hacker changed my email address and phone number and password please do something

  8. My friend possword change

  9. My acct was hacked today..they changed my password and email address.pls help! They are using my account to scam my friends on Facebook…..I can’t remember my email password or number I used in registering Facebook.pls help me!!!!!

  10. I try the procedure but it didn’t work the profile picture of my fb account was change by the hacker what can I do

  11. Please My account has been hacked and the email was changed, please how can I get the account back

  12. Please if you want to help with the account, contact me on 07064607619(watsapp)
    I’m ready to pay if the account can be get back

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