How To Mute Facebook Stories

How To Mute Facebook Stories

How To Mute Facebook Stories: Facebook is a popular social networking website that allows you to interact with different people all over the world. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and his tech team are doing a great job to see that users get the best out of the app.

Most at times, we login to Facebook, we see different posts, comments and lots More. Some of which are interesting and fun and some of which are not interesting.

Same is applicable to the Facebook status which is widely known as Facebook stories. After Facebook introduced this feature, not everyone found it interesting or knows how to use it. But as time goes by, people started to find love in it and then started appreciating it.

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Some use the Facebook story to market their business, some use it to post lifestyle moments they feel is not right or proper to post on their timeline. Some just use it to post anything they wish just to have that premium looking profile which turns circled blue when their story is posted.

At a point, many Facebook users started abusing the story feature by posting over 100-200 stories at once every day.

Facebook doesn’t really have a problem or worry about users like this. Those who get worried or pissed are your friends on Facebook. They keep seeing your story and can’t help but to view them all and at the end of the day, get their data exhausted.

If you are among those finding too much Facebook stories update by your friends annoying, worry no more. In this article, I will be showing you how you can mute facebook stories.

How To Mute Someone Story On Facebook

Many Facebook users have been finding it difficult to mute the status/stories of friends they do not wish or want to view.

But I tell you, here are some of the tips or steps on how to make sure that you successfully and completely mute the status of a friend you have on Facebook. But before that, why do people mute their friend(s) status/stories on Facebook?

Why People Mute Their Friends Status/Stories On Facebook?

This is a question I will gladly answer in the next paragraph. Not only that, but I would also give some tips and steps on how to successfully mute the status of a Facebook group.

Now here is why people mute the status/stories of their friends on Facebook.

People mute their friends status on Facebook for so many reasons because they sometimes post too much stuff online and it may sometimes get a little too much or out of hand or boring. Also, people mute their friends status/stories because they always post things that are very annoying or does not catch your interest and that is why they go ahead to mute them.

So, if you want to get rid of people like this completely, you would have to unfollow the user.

How To Unfollow Your Friend On Facebook Through Their Post

1. Tap or click on the three dots at the top of their post

2. Click on unfollow.

You can also unfollow them by going on the user’s profile page.

How To Unfollow Your Friend On Facebook Through Their Profile

1. Visit the person profile

2. Click on the following button. This action brings out the following; See first, follow (which is on default), snooze, and unfollow.

3. Click on unfollow

That’s all.

How To Mute Your Friend Story On Facebook

Here are some of the steps you need in muting someone’s status on Facebook;

1. Open the Facebook app. If you are not already logged in, enter your user name and password and then you proceed.
2. Tap or click on the bottom right corner of your screen.
3. Click on settings.
4. Click or tap on news feed preferences.
5. When this is done, tap unfollow people to enable you to hide their posts.
6. Click or tap each friend you wish or desire to unfollow.
7. Tap or click done when you are through. You should no longer have to see updates from your unfollowed Friend(s) including their stories.

One of the good news is that your contacts will never find out that you unfollowed them. Yo will stay friends with them on Facebook and will always have an option to start seeing their updates in your feed again when you wish.

I hope that my steps were clear, accurate and easily understood. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems doing this. I will gladly assist. Thanks for reading.

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