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Add Song And Lyrics To Instagram Photo

How To Add Song And Lyrics To Instagram Photos

How To Add Song And Lyrics To Instagram Photos: Instagram is no doubt the favorite social networking platform for most celebrities in the world, public figures, and even a normal social media user

Instagram is an amazing tool for business owners as they use the app for various marketing purposes. Celebrities and public figures use the app to keep in touch with their fans all over the world.

Instagram has really improved in recent updates with amazing new features that have made the app, even more, interesting and fun to use.

In the recent update, Instagram added some of these new features.

New Instagram Updates: 8 Instagram Features You May Not Know About

Below is the list of a new Instagram update released and I bet most people won’t know about it probably because they don’t update their app when new updates are released. But if you are among those who usually update their app each time an update is released, then you should be aware of some of these updates.

8 Instagram Features You May Not Know About

1. Dark Mode

2. Instagram Email Checker

3. Add Song Lyrics To Photo

4. Anti-Bullying Profile Restrictions

5. Post Multiple Accounts

6. Hashtag Insights

7. Close Friends

8. Data Download

Dark Mode: 

The dark mode is an amazing new feature that everyone out there craves for. With dark mode, you can save battery draining, save your eyes from the light mode which is believed to cause harm to the eyes after long usage.

Mark is trying his best to add the dark mode feature to all his apps. He has done that for Facebook messenger, now for Instagram. According to reports, the dark mode feature is also coming to the official Facebook app and WhatsApp too. At the moment if you are using the recent Instagram app, you should be able to enjoy the new dark mode feature.

Instagram Email Checker:

Because of the number of internet fraudsters out there and those whose job on the internet is to hack people’s accounts for reasons best known to them.

Have you ever got an email which looks like they were sent by Instagram telling you that your account is at risk, click this link to protect your account, you are qualified for verification, click this link to verify your account and many more.

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Those who are unlucky most times fall prey to these cheap tricks and they end up losing their account once they click on that link.

Because of this, Instagram has decided to put an end to it by introducing this new feature called; Instagram Email Checker. With the Instagram email checker, users can now see official emails sent directly from Instagram.

So once you get any of those emails on your Instagram registered email, you are expected to check the Email checker section to be sure such mail is originally from Instagram. In this section, you will see all the emails sent by Instagram in the last 14 days.

Add Song Lyrics To Photo:

This is the main topic for this article so I would still give a detailed note about it after I’m done with the explanation of these other features.

With the new Instagram update, you can now add songs and have their lyrics displayed on your picture. Sounds amazing huh? If you want to enjoy this feature, you need to update your Instagram app to the latest version.

Anti-Bullying Profile Restrictions:

In a quest to end the hate speech and cyberbullying, Instagram has done an amazing job by adding the anti-bullying restrictions to its new update. With this feature, you can go ahead to restrict/block users (followers) who engage in cyberbullying in the comment section.

The fun part of this feature is that after you have restricted them, they won’t notice, they will be seeing their comment on your page but no one else would see it.

Post To Multiple Accounts:

Do you have different Instagram accounts and you have the same post you wish to share on both pages? How tasking could it be after making a long note, done with editing and all of that, you then have to start copying, switching accounts so to make the same post on your other pages.

This is a big deal I must say. With the new Instagram feature, “Post Multiple Account”, you can now share a post to all your Instagram pages at once by just toggling other accounts on/off.

Hashtag Insights:

Most social media users don’t know the power of hashtags. With hashtags, a lot can be archived on social media. If you are a fan of hashtags, now you can take track of how much impression a particular hashtag generates.

With this feature, you can now tell or decide on which hashtag to use more often. Thumbs up to Instagram for such an amazing new feature.

Close Friends:

Close friends? How about if Instagram called it top fans or top followers? Well, I bet they have their reason for that. With the Close friend’s feature, you can now make a list of followers who you feel are loyal and active on your page. This is even more fun when you want to do a giveaway.

You won’t want a situation where those who don’t even contribute or engage on your page to be part of your freebies. With the close friend’s feature, you can now create a list of people you wish to see a particular post you make on your page. They would be the only ones who would see and able to engage in it.

Data Download:

This new Instagram feature now allows you to download your whole profile data and keep for backup purposes. With how imperfect Instagram is, they sometimes malfunction and when this happens some users lose their contents and other confidential information.

Because this is not certain when it would occur, there is every need to always back of your profile once in a while and this could only be possible when you download your data.

Now back to the topic for the day, simple steps on how to add songs and lyrics to your photo on Instagram.

How To Add Song And Lyrics To Instagram Photos

Without much ado, follow these simple steps below to add songs and lyrics to your Instagram photos.

8 Steps How To Add Song And Lyrics To Instagram Photos

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app

Step 2: Tap on the story section at the top left corner

Step 3 Snap a photo using the Instagram camera or select a photo from your gallery

Step 4: Swipe up from the bottom

Step 5: Select Music

Step 6: Select from the “top” suggested music and tap on anyone you wish to add to your photo

Step 7: Allow the song to download and you are good to go.

Step 8: Click on done and share it to your story.

Video guide on how to add songs and lyrics to your Instagram photo


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