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How To Open A Gmail Business Account

How To Open A Gmail Business Account

Easiest Way To Open A Gmail Business Account: Own a business or want to start one? Then you definitely need an email to manage that business.

In this article, you will learn how to open a Gmail Business Account.

Google email popularly known as Gmail is one of the top emailing platforms all-round the globe lately. It’s no longer news that Gmail has massively topped its rival, Yahoo mail.

In past years, Yahoo mail was one of the most used emailing platforms, but as time goes by, people began to see reasons why they have to switch.

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Though everyone who switched to Gmail, still or might still have an account with Yahoo mail (I still have a very active account with them and I’m not thinking of dumping it anytime soon).

Gmail has won the heart of over 1billion users who actively use the platform.

Some use Gmail for personal reasons while some use Gmail to manage their business.

I’m sure that at least everyone who makes use of Google has one or more Gmail account.

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This is because all the important things you wish to do with Google apart from searching for pieces of information, you need to have an account with them to enable you to sign in and get full access to the features you desire.

I noticed that many users have been looking for ways to use Gmail to manage their business.

Because of the curiosity, related questions like;

Any different gmail to manage my business?

Probably what this person means here is this. He or she is asking Google if there is any different Gmail platform they can use to manage their business.

How to use google to create account for myself to manage my business?

This person wants to know how to use google to create an account for themself to manage their business. Well, don’t worry you will see how to in this article.

Is there how I can create Gmail to manage my business?

Same question. Everyone is curious. This is to show that people are really interested in having a different email account for their business.

Gmail for myself or to manage my business

What this person means here is this. Which is best to use a personal Gmail account or a Gmail account to manage their business.

I saw someone asked also, “if I create Gmail for myself, can I use it to manage my business?

So many questions asked.

In this article, you will be learning how to open a Gmail account for your business and how to use it very well.

Simple Way To Open A Gmail Account For Your Business

So I was surfing the Gmail platform, I decided to open a new account for my business blog, when I got to the sign up menu, I was expecting to see the form to fill as usual, but boom I was provided with additional options which asked me to choose what kind of account I want to create. The provided options include:

1. For Myself
2. To Manage My Business

When I saw these options, then I got to know that there has been an update on the Gmail platform. But trying out the two options, I got to understand that there was no real difference on both of them because I tried to fill the form for both options and found out that everything was the same.

Though I believe behind the scenes on Google desk, there is definitely going to be a difference or maybe the difference would surface soon as I strongly believe its still been worked upon.

Even though, like I said that there is no any difference in both features, but there is still need to know how to set up both accounts because for Google to put it there, it means they are definitely working on it. But before everything is set, I want you all who are reading this article to be among the first set of persons who would be using the business platform while we wait for the full implementation of the business features.

Also, remember that those who join first always get the best account compared to those who joined later after the full implementation.

Steps On How How To Open A Gmail Account For Your Business

Follow these steps to enable you to open a Gmail business account

Step 1, go to your browser (whichever one installed on your laptop, desktop or phone)

Step 2, visit www.gmail.com

Step 3, Click on creat Account

Step 4, Here you will see the option to choose if you are creating the account for

a. Myself
b. To manage my business

Step 5, Click on “to manage my business”

After this step, fill the form with the right information (Your preferred business name)

The form includes:

1. First name:

This should contain the first name of your business

2. Last name:

This should contain the last name of your business (Note you must fill the two name section to enable you to continue. For instance, if your business name is Kali Andre Global, you are expected to put Kali Andre on the first name section and then Global on the last name section).

3. Username:

This should contain the business email address you want to use. Here is an example: kaliandreglobal@gmail.com

4. Password:

After you create a password for your account, you would be asked to confirm it on the second box just after the first one.

After filling this form, click on next. The next page will bring you to the section where you will fill your phone number.

After you input your phone number, click on next. Google will send you a short 6 code starting with G-***.

They will still provide you with an option to place a phone call in case you wish to speak with them to get your verification code. Whichever one you choose, after getting the code, input it in the box and click on verify.

After you are verified, Google will present you with another form where you will need to provide your personal data.

This info includes

1. Recovery email address:

In case you have any. Recovery email address simply means an email address Google can use to contact you in case you have any problem with your new email address. Maybe you forgot your password or login details or maybe someone is trying to access your account without your consent. This recovery email address is what Google will use to alert you. (Though it’s optional to provide it or not).

2. Date of birth:

Here you will provide your date of birth

3. Gender:

Here you will choose your gender, male or female or rather not say. You also have an option to customize it. When you chose custom you will be provided with an additional box to write whatever gender you wish to use. After this click on next and accept Google terms and conditions.

Boom you are welcomed to your new Gmail Google account for your business.

Congratulations if you followed these simple steps.

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