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How To Send Photos In WhatsApp And Retain It Original Quality

How To Send Photos In WhatsApp And Retain It Original Quality

How To Send High-Quality Photos in WhatsApp: WhatsApp is no doubt the best messaging platform out there. On all its updates, they keep improving one thing or the other so users can have the best experience of the app.

On my previous article, I listed 11 WhatsApp Tips, Tricks And Hacks You Should Know In 2019No doubt WhatsApp will keep topping the list of most popular yet free messaging platform out there.

Despite how much hard work WhatsApp put in improving and inventing more features for better user experience, there is still one thing left untouched which many users find irritating and annoying. This is the damages done to shared images through WhatsApp.

If you are a good observer, you would notice a huge difference when you share someone a high-quality image from your phone through WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp does great damages to these shared photos by reducing the quality five (5) times the original copy. This can be so annoying.

For instance, you are not opportune to have a smartphone with a good camera but fortunately, you have got friends who have smartphones like an iPhone and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 with a super and amazing camera. You take pictures with their phones and ask them to share it to you on WhatsApp at their convenience.

You get disappointed after receiving these pictures through WhatsApp because the sharp picture you took on their phone is now looking very blur and lost most of its details.

This is so because when you share audio file especially photos on WhatsApp, the quality reduces.

Don’t worry anymore, I have found a simple way how to send photos In WhatsApp without losing their quality.

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Before I show you How to Send Full Resolution Photos in WhatsApp I will like you to know the reasons why WhatsApp reduces the quality of shared photos.

Advantages Of Sharing Photos To WhatsApp Directly From Gallery

1. Sharing of photos is faster:

When you are sharing photos directly from the WhatsApp gallery, it sends photos faster because the process to do this is quite simple. All you have to do is just tap on the attachment icon and then click on the gallery icon.

2. Saves time:

The process of sharing photos on WhatsApp using any other means can delay you, Unlike when you share it directly from the WhatsApp gallery.

3. Saves data:

If you try to share photos on WhatsApp using any other means, it will consume a whole lot of data because it sends the original quality without losing any details of such a photo. But when you share directly through the WhatsApp gallery, the data WhatsApp cuts from sending such photos will be very less.

Disadvantages Of Sharing Photos To WhatsApp Directly From Gallery

1. The receiver gets disappointed most time:

Imagine requesting for a photo for official use and the photo lost all its details and quality due to the fact it was shared directly from WhatsApp gallery. This will make you feel bad and seek other means to get the photo delivered without losing its original quality.

2. Lost Orginal Size:

When you share a 9mb picture to someone directly from the WhatsApp gallery, the picture reduces from the original megabytes to kilobyte. This will go a long way to affect the detail of the photo.

3. The Photo Gets Blur:

Sharing photos directly on the WhatsApp gallery makes the photo get blurry when you zoom through or view the photo from a personal computer or a desktop computer.

How To Send Photos In WhatsApp And Retain It Original Quality

You no longer want to send photos on WhatsApp and have the details lost or getting it blurred due to the fact WhatsApp automatically compresses it.

In this article, I will show you two ways how to send photos in WhatsApp and retain its original quality.

There are two (2) ways which you can share photos on WhatsApp and still have the quality and details retained. These include:

1. Sharing photo as Document (As Doc):

Most WhatsApp users are used to the normal or should I say the traditional way of sharing a photo on WhatsApp where you just tap on the camera icon or click on the attachment tab and select the gallery icon and then select the photo(s) you wish to share. Using this same procedure you can send photos to your friends on WhatsApp without losing its quality. Follow the below step and learn how to share high-quality photos on WhatsApp

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp

Step 2: Open a chat (Person you want to send photos to)

Step 3: Tap on the attachment icon

Step 4: Tap on Document. This action shows you all the document files in your phone storage and SD Card such as docs, PDF, text, etc.

Step 5: Select browse other docs then chose image folders from there

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Step 6: Once you are in, select the camera folder or any other folder where the particular photo you want to share is located.

Step 7: Tap on the photo once to automatically share or long press to select multiple photos to send at once.

Step 8: Click on open and boom your photos would be shared successful and the original image is retained without loss of any details.

Send Photos In WhatsApp And Retain It Original Quality

2. Sharing photo as a Zip file

NOTE: This method could be really tasking if you have to do it over and over.

With apps like Solid Explorer File Manager, you can easily convert photos to zip files.

The process of converting an image to zip file takes some seconds depending on the number of photos you are converting.

Once this is done, launch your WhatsApp, open the chat (the person you wish to send to) tap on the attachment icon, click on documents. When this is done you see the zip file, select it and send.

How To Send Photos In WhatsApp And Retain It Original Quality The Video Guide


Video credit: Gadgets 360

The above-listed methods have been tested and proven right by millions of WhatsApp users. If you have any question, kindly use the contact page or the comment section.

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