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WhatsApp Voice Messages Privately

How To Play WhatsApp Voice Messages Privately

How To Play WhatsApp Voice Messages Privately: Whatsapp is no doubt the most used and preferred messaging app used globally by over 1 billion active users.

On my previous articles, I have explained how you can download the WhatsApp messenger on your Android device.

It’s very important to know that aside from the core feature of WhatsApp which is for messaging friends, family and loved ones, there is need to know its other features to enable you to enjoy the full potential of the app.

Among many features, one of the amazing features on WhatsApp is the voice note (voice messaging) feature that enables you to send voice notes to friends instead of the normal typing process.

Sometimes you just get tired of typing and all that comes to your mind is just to communicate through voice notes.

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Believe me, the most fun part of it when the other person you are voice chatting or voice messaging with flows with that same vibe by replying back with a voice note. No doubt this is the best feeling ever.

It doesn’t just make you feel happy, it also makes it look like you are communicating one on one with that person (for those in a relationship or married) lol.

For lovers, let’s say you two are already having a good voice note conversation and at a point, you two got naughty and started saying a nasty thing. But at this point, one of you have gone public possibly for an errand or to get some pizza and your partner sends you a voice note while in the mall.

How would you want to play this voice note without a third-party hearing what was sent to you?

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Another instance, in a situation you are in an important meeting or gathering, and you got a voice note message from a friend or a business partner and you want to really listen to it without the people around you hear it. How would you do that?

Without causing distraction or attracting all eyes on you, how would you want to play this voice note message?

Just as you may know, at default WhatsApp voice note messages play on your phone loudspeaker unless you are listening with an external earpiece. But what happens when you don’t have an earpiece at that moment, but really need to listen to that voice message?

Well worry not, on this article, I will show you how to listen to WhatsApp voice note in secret without the notice of a third-party.

How To Listen To WhatsApp Voice Note Without Loud Speaker

To listen to your voice note messages on WhatsApp, simply do the following:

When your friend(s) send you a voice note message, once you click on the play button, immediately place the phone to your ear like you are making a phone call, WhatsApp will automatically convert the voice note message to a call mode.

Therefore you will be able to listen to the voice note through your phone internal earpiece instead of the default loudspeaker which WhatsApp has set it to.

With this tip, I guess you can now comfortably and confidently listen to your WhatsApp voice note messages anywhere and at any time.

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