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  1. Thanks for this great info

  2. Great article but I don’t think there’s any need for the ebook

  3. I have already done all you’ve listed above, but my problem right now is how to get subscribers to this WhatsApp Tv

  4. How do I create the WhatsApp Tv?!

  5. I Really need this e book but my problem is I don’t have the money now due to the virus which can’t allow me to work 🙏🙏

  6. Great article. No Covid19 giveaway?

  7. Great…..I wish to give it a try buh i don’t have money to pay for ebook…. thanks

  8. Thanks man!
    Your article is helpful..

  9. hello justin, i am interested in setting up my own whatsapp tv

  10. Can I install WhatsApp TV on my existing WhatsApp and backup the pre- existing chats, files and others and restore it the new WA TV.

  11. Nice guide. So this ebook contains what I need without any extra spendings (excluding data subscription)?

    Also, can I use a modded WhatsApp, like say, GBwhatsapp? I’m a fan of modded whatsapp.

  12. Joshua ayodele

    An interesting article

  13. Trying to hook you up on watsap but not hooking up

  14. Wow thanks so much for that encouragubd details it really helped me

  15. Thanks for that awesome details it really helped me out
    You are the best

  16. Nice One,,,But Any Other Way To Earn From It???

  17. I don’t have up to 40 contacts. How is this possible with ebook? I hope I don’t get to start looking for more contact after getting the ebook ?

  18. Emmanuel Nehemiah

    Wow. This is indeed a nice article. I was asked by my Blog Fan on how to make money through WhatsApp TV and your website has helped… Thanks bro.

  19. Adione constance

    Nice article, it’s a bit detailed and explanatory.

  20. Hmm, I thought as much. I just wanted to read and be sure that is only through adverts and sponsored post that money comes in as an influencer or probably other contracts involved. Thanks for your knowledge.

  21. Please I need the e-book

  22. Thanks for the info

  23. Thanks for the article

    I really want to know if the ebook will give me what I need.

    I need a large audience. I’m ready to pay for the Ebok

  24. Wat of, if I got many contacts but they do not save mine? I meant, after bought ur e-book?

  25. This is a great work! I like reading blog posts that share business opportunities with people and this one is exceptionally good. Thanks

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