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Temporary Banned From WhatsApp

Temporary Banned From WhatsApp: Meaning/Cause

Temporary Banned From WhatsApp: Meaning And Cause: Lately you may have come across people posting screenshots of their ban notice from WhatsApp.

The development for banning of accounts was announced by WhatsApp ending last year. If you are a regular visitor to their website FAQ section, you would know about this development.

What WhatsApp Temporary Banned Means

If you are having a nice time on the WhatsApp chat screen, and suddenly, a message pops out telling you that you are temporarily banned from using WhatsApp (for some period of hour or days) it simply means that you have been restricted from using WhatsApp until the specified time is due.

What You Should Know About Temporarily Banned Accounts

When you get the temporarily banned message notification, it simply means you have been denied temporary access to WhatsApp and all its features. You can’t chat again, make calls, receive calls, etc.

I have been seeing a series of screenshots and complaints from different people, but I never took it seriously until it happened to me (my account).

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After this happened, I was forced to find the cause and solution to it. In the cause of carrying out research, I discovered that the temporary ban only affects those who are using the unofficial WhatsApp.

Guess what? I’m not using the official WhatsApp for the fact that the interface is kind of boring and lack some tweaking just like the unofficial WhatsApp.

Though the official WhatsApp has a clean interface and simple design. But for the fact, you can’t do most things done with the unofficial WhatsApp such as been able to see deleted messages, deleted WhatsApp status, post longer status, etc. You will be forced to do away with it.

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So I was using the RC YOWA WhatsApp (iOS). Believe me, this is the best WhatsApp you would ever dream of using.

I have been using the RC YOWA WhatsApp for over 9 months, not until May 22nd, 2019, I finished making a blog post and decided to share it to my groups and status, after forwarding, I got the following message as seen below:

“You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp because you may have violated our terms of service.

You’ll be able to use WhatsApp again in:”

whatsapp banned

First time I got this message, it lasted for just a minute and then I thought that’s all, when I launched the app to send a message to someone, I got another temporarily banned notification and this time around it lasted for 19 minutes, after the ban was lifted, I launched the app again and I was temporarily banned again, this time around for 2 hours.

I got pissed at the same time worried. I had to find solutions to this problem. In the process, I was referred to this article on WhatsApp FAQ page.

After carrying out a deep research, I found out that the actual cause for this ban is because I was using an unofficial WhatsApp.

What is an unofficial WhatsApp?

An unofficial WhstaApp as the name entails is a third party WhatsApp application which does an exact job that the official WhatsApp does, but this time around, deeply tweaked (more features where added).

So you may know, there are a lot and different MOD version of WhatsApp. Here are some few lists of them.

GB WhatsApp
Whatsapp plus
YOWA WhatsApp
RC YOWA WhatsApp
RC Galaxy WhatsApp
WhatsApp jiMOD
WhatsApp Reborn
FM WhatsApp v4.17
Yo WhatsApp (Dual WhatsApp) v4
GB WhatsApp plus extended v 4.83

The list is endless. The above-mentioned applications are third-party apps and it’s not recognized and supported by the real developers of WhatsApp, so they frown badly to members using such apps.

This was the reason the temporary ban began.

Causes of “Temporary Banned From WhatsApp”

Like I have stated earlier in this article, the cause of the temporary ban from WhatsApp is as a result of using an unofficial WhatsApp.

You might be surprised that you are getting this message, but your friends who are also using the unofficial WhatsApp are not getting it. Don’t worry, it is done in the segment.

Remember there are over 1billion users of WhatsApp and over millions of persons are not using the official WhatsApp. This is to tell you that the temporary ban will still come to those who are using the unofficial WhatsApp but are yet to get a temporary ban notification.

NOTE: If keep receiving the temporarily banned message, and you don’t bother to switch back to the official WhatsApp, your account is possibly going to be banned permanently from using WhatsApp.

According to WhatsApp, they clearly stated that “These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service. WhatsApp doesn’t support these third-party apps because we can’t validate their security practices”.

Now that you have known what Temporary banned from WhatsApp is and the causes, you may wish not to lose your account and wish to switch back to the official WhatsApp. Below is how to switch back.

How to switch to the official WhatsApp app

In case you want to switch back to the official WhatsApp app, you need to back up your chat if you don’t want to lose any of them.

Download WhatsApp messenger from Google play store and register with your phone number. Set it up and you are done.

You won’t get any ban notification again. I hope this article helped.

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  1. A well written article.

    In addition, Some users get banned on the official WhatsApp when you send out too many broadcasts and add those who don’t have your contact to groups.

    You can also get banned when other users report you.

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