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Best Android Note Apps In 2019

The Top 10 Best Android Note Apps In 2019

10 Best Note-Taking Apps For Android In 2019: So many people today in our present now time own smartphones in which they make use of for different purposes.

It could be for business purposes, learning, making research, surfing social media to spend time with friends, loved ones and family members, etc, knowing the latest trends and most of all the ability to take note.

The ability of our smartphone to take notes has practically made some of our daily activities much more easy, efficient and interesting. It aids in learning and making research.

A lot of people do different kinds of jobs and some of which may require them having a note-taking app in their smartphone to enable them to make their work less stressful.

On this article, I will show you 10 best note-taking apps to use for your day to day activity.

Below are the top ten best note-taking apps for your android phone in 2019.

10 best note-taking apps for Android

1. Color Note

2. Evernote

3. Fair Note

4. Fii Note

5. Google Keep Note

6. Lecture Note

7. Omni Note

8. One Note

9. Som Note

10. Simple Note

I will take my time to explain each of these notes for better knowledge of their features.

1.  Color note:

No doubt we have lots of Android note-taking apps out there today.  As humans, we always want to have the best or one of the bests among all.

If you fall into the category of people who always want the best, the color note should be what you are looking out for. It is quite easy, simple to use and access.

It allows you to take note at any given time, it allows you to remember planned events, it makes use colors which helps you to organize contents and other events.

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It also performs the following functions; color coding, putting sticky notes, etc. Color notes run in Android devices with version 4.0 and above.

2. Evernote:

On every list out there, Evernote has always come second best. This is to show you how amazing this app is and I hope someday it makes its way to the first list of best note-taking apps.

Evernote is a very good type of note taking app which is also suitable for your android phones. Evernote makes it easy to concentrate on the important stuff and also lets you access your information when needed.

Evernote serves different purposes like to- do lists, pocket notebook, etc. One unique feature about this app is that it syncs automatically across all your devices to help retain information.

3. Fair note:

Looking for a powerful yet simple note-taking app to use? The fair note is that simple app to use. It serves so many purposes which include keeping all your notes organized and secured. A good characteristic of this app is that it helps in giving you speed when writing or jotting down important points and ideas. It requires an Android version of 4.0.3 and above. The latest version of Fair note out there is 2.0.6.

4. Fii note:

Fii note is a suitable note-taking app for Android smartphone and can be used in phones and tablet it has a unique hybrid model,  calendar, alarms and requires less permission.

5. Google keep notes:

Google keep notes is amongst the popular note-taking apps. It offers different tools which include images, texts, etc. It allows you to set reminders, extract text from images using optical character recognition and it also enables recordings to be transcribed. If you want a super note-taking app, the Google keep note should be what you are looking out for.

6. Lecture notes:

The Lecture note as the name implies is used for learning. This app is meant for teachers and students pending on

the course in mind. It makes teaching and learning interesting.

7. Omni notes:

Omni is a note-taking app is an amazing tool for taking down notes. The great features of this app include; reminders, checklists, material designs and lots more. Believe it when I say this app is an amazing tool for note-taking.

8. One note:

One note makes use of multi-user corporation. It does the work of gathering users notes, drawings, etc. It helps you receive information in different forms and lots more.

9. Som note:

The Som Note is a journal note-taking app that helps secure your privacy, word searching, recover deleted notes and makes use of clean rainbow folders, etc.

10. Simple note:

The simple note is an android note-taking app that comes with markdown support. It makes it easy and simple for users to keep lists and daily events etc.

So, that’s it guys, the above-listed note apps made it to our best note-taking tools for 2019.

If you did find our list of best note-taking apps for Android useful, please share your thoughts via the comment section below. Having any difficulty? Kindly use the contact us page.

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